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Best Bachelorette activities in Paros Island! Painting the Perfect Bachelorette Party in Paros 🎨

Whether you’re celebrating love, friendship, or simply the joy of life, Paros offers an enchanting canvas for your bachelorette or bachelor party. Let’s dive into the vibrant palette of experiences that await you on this Aegean gem.

1. Sail and Splash:

Antiparos, Blue Lagoon, and Despotiko Adventure

Before your pick up your paint brushes, you can embark on a nautical escapade that will leave you breathless. Hop aboard a private boat and set sail towards Antiparos, where azure waters cradle hidden treasures. A few of my favourite sailing trips are:

  1. Around Paros & Antiparos!

Bachelorette party in the sea in Paros

Nestled between Paros and Antiparos is Παντερονήσι the Blue Lagoon. Dive into its crystalline turquoise depths, snorkel around and let the sun kiss your skin! You can then go for a stroll in Antiparos, or enjoy the island view from the sea on your way to the next stop.

Just behind Antiparos lies Despotiko, a small island uninhabited (except for a few goats!) steeped in history and magical energy. Explore the remnants of an ancient temple dedicated to Apollon, the sun god. Then you can snorkel around Despotiko’s shores, imagine the lives that once thrived here. It’s a voyage through time, painted with wonder.

Insider tips: Don't drink too much wine, pack sunscreen, sunglasses, cotton long sleeves and thin pants, a hat and extra clothes! Do not wear anything that will give you a funny tan line!

You will be on the water all day under the sun and can get dehydrated or sunburnt very easily!

2. Day Trip to Koufonisia islands

A boat in a bay of Koufonisia with turquoise waters.
One of the swimming stops around Koufonisia!

While Paros steals hearts, a day trip to Koufonisia adds a touch of magic. Embark the sailing boat Agios Georgios of Captain Giannis from Piso Livadi port to start the full day sailing and snorkelling adventure! The price is around €90 for adults and €65 for children (3-11) which may seem pricey but keep in mind it includes a BBQ Lunch, fruit for snacks and unlimited wine & drinks.

Insider tips: Don't drink too much wine, pack sunscreen, sunglasses, cotton long sleeves and thin pants, a hat and extra clothes! Do not wear anything that will give you a funny tan line!

You will be on the water all day under the sun and can get dehydrated or sunburnt very easily! After snorkelling at Agios Sostis, Glaronisi and Rina Cave you will probably be tired and the wind in the end of the trip can be cold so be sure to pack an extra dry sweater and cozy pants.

2. Create more than memories at Cecelia Art Paros Studio!

If you are looking for a creative and fun bachelorette idea, then join me to unleash our inner Picassosin my art studio! Our art haven invites you to bring your drinks and decor for a bachelorette painting party like no other. Here’s what’s on the palette:

a. Figure Drawing with a Live Model

A male model posing for a figure drawing bachelorette party.
Live model in the Figure Drawing Bachelorette Party!

Gather your squad, sip on your favorite wine, and let your creativity flow. With a live model as your muse, you’ll sketch, shade, and giggle your way to artistic bliss. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a first-time doodler, this experience promises laughter, camaraderie, and a few blush-worthy moments.

b. Painting the Groom Party

What better way to celebrate the upcoming nuptials than by immortalizing the groom? Bring a couple of photos or send the photos us before hand and get ready to paint and laugh! Grab your brushes and wine, choose your colors, and let your bridesmaids capture his charm... or personality! Will it be a whimsical portrait or an abstract representation of his quirks? The choice is yours, and the memories of laughter will last a lifetime!

c. Painting the Flower Bouquet

Flowers speak the language of love, and at Cecelia Art Paros, you’ll create your own floral masterpiece in either acrylic or watercolor. Imagine vibrant petals, delicate stems, and the scent of blooming roses. As you blend colors and strokes, you’ll your instructor will guide you in creating a bridal bouquet of your dreams.

3. Wine Tasting & Tour at Petra Farm: Sip, Savor, and Celebrate

After a morning or afternoon painting, swap your paintbrush for a glass of organic wine at Petra Farm. Perched above the beautiful bay of Naoussa, this family-owned winery & farm invites you an a sensory journey. Sample local cheeses along with Petra's organic olive oil, spices, tomatoes, wine! Each bite and sip carries the essence of the sun-kissed land and ancient terroir. Raise your glasses, toast to love & friendship, and let the flavours dance on your palate while you enjoy the magical view.

Insider tip: wear comfortable shoes for the tour of the farm and bring a sweater as it can get chilly with the afternoon wind on the hill!

Image of Petra Farm Paros tasting tour.
Image by Petra Farm

4. Spa Day at Kalogeros Beach: Clay, Sea, and Serenity

Kalogeros Beach holds a secret: its cliff walls harbor natural bentonite clay. As you step onto the beach, embrace the healing powers of this mineral-rich mud. Smear it on your skin, let it dry under the sun, and then rinse off in the cerulean waves. Feel rejuvenated, your skin as smooth as a canvas.

Insider tips:

  1. When at this beach be sure to leaving your things high up on the rocks or further up the beach. When the ferries go by the large waves crash on this beach and may take your bags to sea!

  2. Make sure to reapply sunscreen after the clay masks.

  3. Bring an empty bottle to mix sea water with the clay on the cliffs.

Paros is a magical island and the perfect destination for a bachelor/bachelorette party! From day cruises to sip and paint parties you are sure to have the most memorable celebration!

If you are interested in booking a private painting party for a bachelor/bachelorette party you can click here to contact me!

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