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Private Acrylic Painting Lesson




2 Hours

About the Course

Join the Local artist Cecelia at her srt studio in the picturesque Kostos village of Paros island. Start your journey of self-expression and creativity with a private acrylic painting lesson, tailored to your skill level. In this intimate two-hour session, you'll be guided by Cecelia's expert hand as she adapts the lesson to meet your unique artistic needs. Choose from three captivating examples provided by the studio, or bring along your own reference photo for a truly customized experience. Surrounded by the rustic beauty of the mountain village, this private lesson promises to be a memorable and enriching artistic adventure, leaving you with not just a beautiful painting but also a newfound confidence in your creative abilities.

Location: Kostos Village (Cecelia Art Paros Studio)

Time: 2 hours

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